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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Kenya’s Safaricom buys second WiMAX operator

Kenays safaricom-WiMax acquisition deal :-
Kenya mobile and telecommunication industry is fast growing and with the competition among mobile firm operators to satisfy the customers’ needs, safaricom has killed it yet again with its acquisition of wimax operator. For fast and better connection and high internet speeds, safaricom seeks to be the market leader and thus the basis of this acquisition.

According to the companies chief executive officer, Michael Joseph, safaricom has bought 100 percent packet stream data networks for undisclosed amount , a transaction which is yet to be approved by the relevant regulatory authorities. This purchase of onecome, 35 percent owned Britain’s Vodacom, was completed well over a year a go in a $2.6 million deal. WiMax is safaricoms focus due to its high speed wireless technology that greatly boosts telecoms network.

The stake in onecom will be raised to 100 percent as voiced by safaricom CEO. The mobile company seeks to boost its data service and product range in order to maintain a steady growth despite the saturated market segment. With about 25 employees, packets ream serves a majority of customers in towns and urban centers across Kenya.
Kenya Safaricom

In a bit to providing better and fast internet connection service, the mobile company has started offering broadband internet to its customers with the first of the three fiber optic cables being switched on. Only referred to as SEACOM, the undersea cable links Kenya and east African region to south Africa, India, middle east and Europe. More is yet to be added in a region where telecommunication development is hampered by poor infrastructure.

The move to acquire Packet Steam has largely been facilitated by the positive changes in the regulatory environment that has given safaricom the benefit of enjoying newly acquired unified license. According to packet stream director, his company had already deployed its WiMAX technology and resources in several towns across Kenya, and safaricom would be able to tap on the advantage of already established necessary infrastructure.

Moreover, safaricoms CEO, believes the acquisition is very strategic and will help serve the growing wimax footprint thereby enabling safaricom provide customers with ubiquitous data network. WIMAXis set to change the internet connection speeds as well as the mobile 3G devices and thereby improving and helping ,meet the goals of the company. Mobile and home based connectivity broadband are set to improve in the Kenyan market as well as the east African region.

WiMax will bring along with it a number of beneficial factors which include but not limited to; relatively low costs of internet connections, it will allow easy connection anywhere as ell as online conference with mobile internet, and a number of multimedia applications. There are a number of WiMax rich features such as those which separates voice and data channels for fun, security needs, fast connectivity, and the liberty of movement. With only a single wimax, you can have hundreds of users at a time who are able to enjoy sending and receiving data at vary high speed while enjoying network security.

Kenya’s Safaricom buys second WiMAX operator
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