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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Heilind Electronics Your Interconnect Specialist

Heilind has over the years been applauded for its role in business to business distribution of electronic components. With well over 120 independent manufactures to work with, the company has emphasized on interconnect as well as electro mechanic hardware. This has made hailind the largest interconnect distributor with a big clientele base who comprise of original equipment manufactures and contract manufactures in various fields such as medical, industrial control, transportation industry, telecom networks, energy and lighting industries.

Heilind electronics has been named ITW pancon’s largest distributor of the year, according to pancon general manager Grey Hayward who officially presented the award to interconnect distributors Pete Hubbard and Doug Fancy, the corporate product manager and supplier business manager respectively during an annual electronic distribution show come conference in Las Vegas.

In a statement by one of heilind representatives, Hubbard, he stated his companies comfort in working with responsible and focused suppliers such as ITW pancon who have proven to produce outstanding design and have successfully created a business model one their customers have constantly used in getting demanding their products. He went further to explain their commitment to manage logistical issues and customer relations for a company such as pancon who have shown an exemplary truck record of excellence.
Heilind Electronics

Pancon is a manufacturer of electronic connectors which are used in a number of industries and have equally specialized in the design and development of a number of custom electronic connectors. Greg Hayward acknowledged heilind continued performance over the years as they have also in the past received similar awards for ITW pancon. As a matter of fact, Heilind has contributed largely to the growth and expansion of pancon. Form increased sales to identification of new and potential customers. As a result, its been echoed that pancons product design and subsequent development strengths fit nicely with heilinds customer service strategies and focus as well as the market emphasis.

Since late November 1997, heilind electronics has been a distributor of ITW Pancon interconnect products. Founded in 1974, heilind electronics line card includes relays, connectors, switches, and thermal management and circuit protection products. Terminal blocks, wire and cable, wiring accessories, installation and identification products are some of the things on offer. Heilinds boast of having well over 25 offices in North America alone with two automated distribution centers and a versatile value added center.

Heilind president, Bob Clapp expressed his gratitude in being honored as the distributor of the year –largest distributor. He added by explaining the reason behind the great achievement and unconditioned accomplishment which he stated is due to sacrifice and strive by everybody at heilind organization. In getting such recognition, the president appreciated all staff at heilind in making this a reality.
Since its founding, heilind electronics has grown both through internal expansion projects and acquisitions as well. Having a global network not only support the sales but also enable its distribution efforts to become much more flexible. Their global networking has equally made it a success in getting varied products to various customers across the globe affordable.

Heilind Electronics Your Interconnect Specialist
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