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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Juniper Networks unveils 100 Gigabit Ethernet Router Interface Card

Ethernet card provides you with the link of connecting your PC to the internet due to the communication structure built in to transfer information from the internet. Ethernet cards have the capacity to have speeds of as low as 10mbps to as high as 1000mbps. The roles and functions of Ethernet are quite diverse and therefore has made this gadget a must have. There are many manufactures producing Ethernet hardware both for external or inbuilt solutions. Juniper networks is one of them and here is a short review if junipers Ethernet card.

Following the launch of Junipers first 100 Gigabit Ethernet router interface card, (100 GbE), which will be a part of the Junipers T1600 core router. There has been a wide scale virtualization face by telecommunication companies or cloud companies among other organizations which have displayed an ever appreciating demand on their networks. This has fueled the new 100 GbE card design to address a number of modern day challenges and also what the company terms as the new generation of scale that is fast coming to networks.
Ethernet Router Interface Card

The results of this kind of advancement implies that companies and data centers together with all wire-line and wireless service providers will only have limited interphones in their networks. This is because the 100GbE card will have a higher order of magnitude increases (increased per-link capacity) comparing to other interfaces. The benefits of this high tech 100 GbE card are many and has been echoed to enhance simpler network topologies for companies with fewer interfaces while at the same time providing a more efficient solution for businesses including cost saving and enabling the use of high tech services like video and 3G wireless broadband.

With trials already conducted, the company has well positioned itself ready to support 100GbE clients, and have called upon clients to come up and take maximize the use of this new device. Most analysts have argued that the device is key in helping increase deployment of virtualization in cloud computing, the data centers, as well as network storage. This has therefore changed the view of capacity handling by companies. Now capacity is a crucial element of virtualized infrastructure for applications, servers and content.

100GbE has been in the market for a while now with companies such as Infinera, Cisco systems and Nortel having their brands. But junipers claims to be the first to have on offer the commercial 100GbE router interface card for core networks using ten 10GbE optical wavelengths in creating the 100GbE packet flow. Its form this consolidated flow that more bandwidth is created which is easier to manage. Junipers base their argument on the fact that deploying one 100GbE interface card is much more economical than deploying 10GbE interfaces.

The IEEEE has not yet approved 100 Gigabit Ethernet as an established standard and they are still developing the 802.3ba standard for 100GE. The time frame of finalization and ultimate ratification will last about a year. Due to such facts, the pricing haven’t been availed yet. But juniper hopes and expects the 100 GE interface card to be deployed in customers pilot networks at the end of 2009.

Juniper Networks unveils 100 Gigabit Ethernet Router Interface Card
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