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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Motorola Milestone 2 – Touchscreen Smartphone

Just a few years after came the first smartphone with touchscreen, this class of phones captured the lion’s share of mobile devices. Users understood and agreed that touch-sensitive controls is really easy, and in response, manufacturers have filled up shelves with new technology . But there is no perfect anything, and when was the first wave of enthusiasm users have begun to realize that with enough sensory apparatus is not easy and difficult to enter the message and take notes. But manufacturers are not particularly given to the value of this fact and have released only a few models of devices with a mechanical keyboard, though QWERTY. And if you look at these suggestions from the Android smartphone, it becomes clear that these models of unity.

Specifications Motorola Milestone 2 :-

  • Processor – Texas Instruments OMAP3640 processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz;
  • Memory – 512 MB RAM, 8 GB of internal memory, slot microSD (up to 32 GB);
  • Display – capacitive, TFT, 3.7 inches diagonal, resolution 854h480;
  • Interfaces – USB 2.0 (micro USB), Bluetooth 2.1 (+ EDR), Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, GPS / A-GPS;
  • Camera – 5 megapixel, autofocus, flash, HD-video recording;
  • Dimensions – 116.3 x 60.5 x 13.7 mm;
  • Weight – 169 grams.

Motorola Milestone 2 Smartphone with Touchscreen

Motorola Milestone 2 is distinguished by its thin shell, for the first time, it’s hard to guess that the machine is equipped with more and QWERTY – keyboard. The overall design of the device and is not strictly for the youth market segment. The housing is made of metal and high-quality velvet softach plastic through which the smartphone does not slip in hand, and this is a big plus. As for assembly, it is at the highest level, every detail strictly tailored, there is no backlash or clearance. Below the display and touch buttons located near the metal “chin”, which adds not only some degree of charm to the device, but also functional, comfortable to hold for a smartphone while watching videos, and fun with the games.

On the back of the camera phone has settled and the external speaker hidden under a metal grid. Interestingly, the memory be pretty deep inside the device under the battery on this is not possible without shutting down in order to change it. This could be attributed to the downside, but the phone has a built-in 16 GB of memory, and in addition to this the 8 GB card that comes with the kit. By the way, the camera has a dual LED flash.

On the right side is a button and volume control keys for quick launch the camera. At the upper end of the phone to be turning on the key and 3.5 mm jack for headphones and headsets.

At the left end smartphone is a connector micro-USB, which is used to synchronize with your PC and connect to dock – station.

On the front side of the phone under a large screen located a standard set of keys to Android, which are made in the form of the sensor. Of course, many will lack the mechanical buttons receive a call, but alas, this situation is similar for most modern smart phones based on Android OS. However, all these minor inconveniences are more than discouraged QWERTY – keyboard, which is executed on a solid top five. The keys are convex, comfortable and have a pleasant and enjoyable course. Ergonomics keyboard designed to trifles, in particular there are keys that allow you to activate the search, return “OK”, the cursor and key, allowing just put the @ symbol. Everything is so easy that even a stranger is not necessary.

The display has moved from the first model, Milestone, the same size at 3.7 inches, and a native resolution of 854×480 pixels in. However, such an unusual solution to the extended display allows a little more comfortable to watch video in 16:9 format that is used in DVD. Above the display are a protective coating Gorilla Glass, which will keep him safe from scratches and no strong impact. It is strong and cunning cover, which by the way used in most of the flagship models, will protect your screen from scratches, keys derived from coins and other items found in his pockets. Remarkably, the sun screen does not lose its readability, even in sunny weather, with direct sunlight the screen can be easily read all the information. The only gripe, which earned the display – it’s slightly recessed position, in consequence of it between him and the metal rim is going to dust that is difficult to clean afterwards.

The camera even though its 5 MP has a very mediocre quality. Just a little frustrating lack of front camera for video conversations, although this trend is observed in most of Android – smartphones. Of the functions of the camera should be noted, LED double flash, video recording in HD, the ability to shoot panoramic photos and of course there is auto focus. Pictures are not pleasant to the noise, which practically does not remove, and suffers some color, but for simple camera shots quite fit. As for video recording, here as things are not up to par, recording videos you can watch the jumping frames, in consequence of that, the video turns out to twitch. The quality of the sound recording can only be happy.

Great staff, the main advantage of which is the qwerty – keyboard, and in the context of Android – Smartphone is a rarity. On the stability of the machine to no complaints, no brakes, all clearly and well. As for cons, the unit is hardly suitable multimedia enthusiasts, not really high-quality speaker and a pretty mediocre sound not like the users who like to listen to music from your phone, of course, the headset sounds better, but still far from good. So, the question of the emergence of new firmware is sharp, but the problem has in general, and other devices from Motorola. As a result, would like to note that the phone is ideal for people who love to communicate more online and do not particularly think about multimedia. It can also be a great business tool.

Motorola Milestone 2 – Touchscreen Smartphone
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