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Sunday, November 18, 2018

SSL VPN Appliance for Secure Remote Access – SSL VPN Remote Access

SSL VPN stands for secure sockets layer virtual private network. It is a form of VPN which is used to withstand web browser. A virtual private network is a network which employs the use of public telecommunication infrastructure to provide a number of homes and individual user’s means of accessing their organizations network in a much secure manner. Virtual private networks can be considered and described as one or more wide area networks (WAN) links over a shared public network. With increased cyber crimes, secure VPN technology is highly required in securing private links. Take for instance the security measure brought about by using SSL VPN.

Unlike traditional internet protocol security, an SSL VPN doesn’t need physical installation of specialized client software on the end user computer. SSL VPN will provide end users with access to internet or web application, client/server application an internal network connection. Therefore, with VPN, you will be able to have secure channels of communication for both data and any form of information shared between two points. SSL VPN consists of a single or a collection of VPN devices through which a any user can connect to using their web browsers and the traffic between the two are encrypted with SSL protocol.

The level of satisfaction and flexibility offered by SSL VPN has greatly been praised by a number of online users based on the ease of its use and the control for a range of users accessing information and resources from varied locations. The two major types of SSL VPN are the SSL portal VPN and the SSL tunnel VPN.

  • -The SSL Portal VPN : allows for single connection to a web site form where the end user is able to access multiple network services. Remote user is able to access SSL VPN gateway using any modern web browser by making identification of him using an authentication method supported by the gateway from where he receives a web page which acts as the lee way to other services.
    -The SSL tunnel VPN : this allows for access to a number of multiple network services as far as those applications and protocols not of web base origin through a channel running under SSL. Here, the user should be able to handle active contents which allow for functionality an application not possible with SSL portal VPN. The active content referred to here include java, JavaScript, flash, active X applications and plug-ins as well.

This kind of service can be provided by a network providing company. Different institutions such as government agencies, private schools and big corporations employ the use of VPN as a way of providing secure connections to their users. Private networks have been a common target of cyber crime and with the fast growing online market area, it is important to have secure networks for users. Similar to the wide area networks, VPN technology will link a number of several sites together regardless of the distance. Take the much needed precaution and secure your network form Froude’s and con parsons who may give your business a bad review in relation to customers.

SSL VPN Appliance for Secure Remote Access – SSL VPN Remote Access
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