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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Viewsat VS 2000 Viewsat Ultra – Steps to Reflush ViewSat Ultra 2000

Demand for can cable TV is on the rise and a number of people are installing cable TV networks in their homes, offices and work places. The installation is mostly done by skilled technicians who come over with purchase of these devices. So for many people, little or no attention is paid to how these devices are installed and should you be faced with problems or challenges, you will not know how to handle the whole situation. It is thus a requirement that you equip yourself with these basic just to be safe should your device have any manageable mechanical malfunction which you will be able to repair and thus saving you money and time.

Corrupt files or installation errors may arise in your device; this will ultimately result in malfunctioning or glitches on your Viewsat ultra 2000 satellite receiver. When faced with this kind of a problem, you will be skilled in handling the challenge after reading through, you are advised to re-flush the viewsat ultra 2000 using original factory BIN files together with the current update files which will overwrite the faulty files and solve these error issues.
viewsat 2000 ultra

You can download the necessary files and transfer them to the receiver using both the null modem cable and the viewsat PVR loader utility.
The steps are as under mentioned:-

  • – form the web, download the original factory BIN file, the current and latest bin file and the PVR loader utility for viewsat ultra 2000. Have a new folder created and unzip the compressed BIN files to the folder. Thereafter, you install the PVR loader utility.
  • – before doing any thing further, you have to disconnect the receiver form power. Turn off the receiver using main power switch on the back panel and ensure it is fully disconnected from the power source and follow up subsequently by unplugging both the TV and satellite cables.
  • – the viewsat should then be connected to a computer by plugging the null modem data cable into the serial ports on the receiver and the computer. Take note not to turn on the receiver but do plug the receiver into a power outlet.
  • – open the loader utility and select tools, from the taskbar at the top of the loader window and select configuration from the drop down menu. Choose COM port where the null cable has been plunged in to and select OK to close the configuration window.
  • – in the loader window select OPEN FILE, navigate to the factory BIN files location which you select and click on open. Repeat this for the current BIN file.
  • – click PC>STB to begin file transfer.
  • – turn power on using main power switch in order to transfer files to the viewsat Ultra 2000. Click OK when the transfer is complete and close the loader. When complete the system will automatically reboot.

The final stage requires you turn the receiver off while reconnecting data cables to the viewsat 2000 and alto to the TV. Reset the antenna, password and time setting as requested by you system and satellite configuration.

Viewsat VS 2000 Viewsat Ultra – Steps to Reflush ViewSat Ultra 2000
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